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Export - Image - in different format (problems with svg)


Razvan Dumbrava:
Hello... Is there any option to set the resolution for the exported image? (jpg, tiff, etc). And... in case i export svg... why the size of this image (when imported 1:1) is different compared with jpg, tiff (raster images)? Anyone tried?

In addition, when I import the *.svg to Illustrator i get two instances (one small and one big)... Anyone of you get the same result? (see attachment).

Thank you!

Razvan Dumbrava

Raster image, at now, are exported with 96dpi default settings...I add in todo list to allow changing this.
For SVG I do some test about scaling...
I have just tested export and I don't see the second/small one instance. Any more details? Are you using the lastest build?

Razvan Dumbrava:
I have the last nightbuild of cSurvey.
Here are the operations I did:
I exported the sketch from TopoDroid as *.csx
I opened the *.csx file in cSurvey
I exported the image as *.svg from cSurvey.

When I try to import it in Adobe Illustrator I get the message that is showing in the first PrintScreen.
And after, when is placed in place, it looks like in the second PrintScreen, with the small instance on it...

In addition, this image (exported as *.svg) is different in size as the other exported as raster (tiff, jpg, etc) even if they are at the same resolution (96 dpi).

I hope that this explanation to be more relevant. Thank you!


I'm fixing a lot of bugs in svg export: scale, object missing and doubled centerline. And the exported svg could also have some Inkscape feature like layers.
In addition, in the next nightbuild, you cound also change dpi for raster images (only in 64bit version).


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