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Image/Survey rotation issue


Hello everyone. My first post here. Mladen from Serbia. Been using cS for the last several months. Congrats to its creators, it's quite a good survey application.

My question: Is it possible to rotate the survey, that is, change its north orientation so that one could export it in another orientation, for example in order to fit the survey in a desired orientation for press preparation purposes (jpg/pdf/svg)?  Of course it can be done in an Inkscape/Adobe/Corel- type of program, but I'm asking is it possible in cS?

Thank you for your replies in advance,

Hi Mladen and welcome.
About your question, at now, is not possible.
This maybe a not so hard to implement function but cSurvey cannot mix plan and profile in the same output so, even with this option, you have to do some post-work in many cases.

Understood. Thank you  :D


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