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How to make/use a limestone texture in cS


I was wondering if there is a way to make a limestone texture and use it in cSurvey in profiles, for example (see the picture from a caving magazine).  A friend and I have tried to make something but failed (we first tried to make it work as a clipart and later as a texture, but with no satisfactory results) The question is: can we make this texture so that it can be used in cS in the same way as we use some soil clipart, for example. Has anybody tried to make something like this work? We have only had success in making our own symbols for speleothems, but with textures like this no results so far.

You can do this creating a soil generic object and, after that, changing the brush type to custom.
Select 'texture' pattern. The object disappear but still here, click on "..." button and choose and image to use as pattern (the browser show you only png and bmp but if you select all files work also for jpg) and you will see the image tiled to fill the object's area.
This function have some problem:
- pattern are not scaled so you have to define it as best as possible for your final output;
- pattern are not not exported in svg (I'm working on it and this will be fixed in the next 'major' release...v2...)

Thank you for your reply. I did exactly the same what you wrote, and yes, the problem is that the pattern cannot be scaled to the desired size. I assume the easier way could be to add the texture in a vector program (Corel/Illustrator/Inkscape) in the exported svg map after the survey has been finished.


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