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Attention: this version fix a bug leading to program's hung opening a file generate with a newer version or with latest TopoDroid release.


  • fixed bug importing another cSurvey file with same user properties but with different order;
  • fixed bug executing adjusting code for TopoDroid generated file even when not requested deleting binding between x-sections and shots;
  • fixed bug in translation lines threshold not correctly managed;
  • fixed bug in LRUD calculation from splay;
  • fixed bug generating a wrong binding with objects in x-sections after copy/paste;
  • fixed bug generating an error in Therion with cave/branch with numerical name;
  • fixed bug running Loch with 3D model with orthophoto and revised picture's managment everywhere;
  • fixed bug saving 'designer';
  • fixed bug in visibility by scale/profile;
  • fixed bug in x-sections placeholder drawed with wrong orientation;
  • fixed bug inverting a shot in profile (2 calculation needed);
  • fixed bug opening a survey saved from a newer program version or with lastest TopoDroid release.


  • added new whiteboard function in design's filters;
  • added auto WMS cache cleaning change some WMS parameters;
  • revised station with translation under translation 's threshold;
  • new LRUD calculation from splay;
  • new KML export for border's area and better exporting code;
  • more functions for customize Compasses object;
  • new text and sign scale factor (in addition to standard XS, S, M, L and XL);
  • added options to translate original position in print/export;
  • added function to reduce orthophotos and elevation data sets;
  • new tools for inverting orthophoto's color;
  • new message warning user that 3D rendering of outline in slowing down and added ESC key management during this king of 3D rendering;
  • new option for exporting, ad KML, also linked surveys in one file;
  • added option to show, with print/export area, of the real preview in designer;
  • new code for borders export in KML;
  • support for 'vertical' direction in profile (see Therion/TopoDroid);
  • new TopoDroid generated file managment (require TopoDroid version 4.2.4 or newer);


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