• Increase font size
  • Default font size
  • Decrease font size



  • fixed bug in date with Topodroid generated files;
  • removed from warping equate shots;
  • fixed warping azimut with shot with +/-90° inclination;
  • fixed calculated length with multiple measure units;
  • fixed bug in image transparency;
  • fixe bug in image add and legend add;
  • fixed bug with ascii grid file with llcenter;
  • fixed bug in Topodroid import with lowercase station;
  • fixed many other bugs.


  • new calculate engine with support for multiple extent start, shot's priority and manual connection between branches;
  • added ray view for splays;
  • added function to import a cSurvey file as branch of another;
  • added function to delete all survey splays;
  • added function for auto binding of design object opening Topodroid generated files;
  • added CTRL+ALT for multiple selection (like CTRL in File Exporer);
  • added function for overwriting of shot only if design binded (for Topodroid generated files);
  • improved point management;
  • improved curve type conversion;
  • added check for unbinded point in cSurvey import;
  • improved advanced design object selection;
  • upgraded project and libraries to 4.6 framework (now 3D export support color and more);


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