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Razvan Dumbrava

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Cave borders - Areas or lines?
« il: Dicembre 30, 2019, 02:33:06 pm »

I am trying to understand all, but is a little bit hard because all the support / tutorials are in italian. Can you explain a little bit how the cave borders are working?
When I draw the cave borders, it seems that is interpreted as polygons, not as lines.

So, when I try to export the design, the lines are closed, and some areas are created. Can I invert the way that areas are created? I mean... I saw that it depends how I started to draw, the areas are on the right/left of the lines (borders). Is possible that the borders to be lines only?

Can you indicate some links with tutorial/support for this?

Thank you!


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Re:Cave borders - Areas or lines?
« Risposta #1 il: Dicembre 31, 2019, 02:34:37 pm »
cSurvey has a lach in international documentation. I'm trying to fill this gap but, for now, I have only italian manual (not update but usefull...) here and a videotutorial (also in italian).
I'm trying to fill this gap as soon as possibile...

For borders: cave borders are always areas cause this objects clip other object in level less then 'border's level'.
You could draw it right side or left side...but, to have to merge each curve you draw in one object defining a part of a cave/branch.
To better understand the result of your draw use, in editor, the 'combined mode' view. This view allow you to see the area defined by borders adjusting it correcly. cSurvey, merging more curves to create an border's area try to reorder curves to create a correctly ordered area. If this function not work (with some complex shape...) you could select a point of a single sequence of point defining the area and use the 'invert' function to change sequence's points order.
With combined view I think you could understand how borders work easily.