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Bug / Re:Two bugs
« Ultimo post da cepe il Novembre 29, 2021, 08:45:37 am »
Do the actions I wrote in the last post.
Multiple selection on shots is allowed but not multiple changes. You have to use, for now, replicate data in right click (or in survey menu).
Bug / Re:Two bugs
« Ultimo post da Geko il Novembre 28, 2021, 10:34:58 pm »
Yes, we've been doing the same thing, batch renaming the splay stations, but with BBEdit. cSurvey kind of recognizes them as splays but not completely as it does show them as shots. This is not a solution, sadly, as they can not be turned off, etc. (no real splay behavior), so we still need to manually click on the "splay" checkbox for each shot and it's a nightmare. If multiple selection worked it would have been easier, but even when multiple items are selected in the data panel, changes apply only to one line there, so every one has to be clicked individually. With hundreds of splays per survey this takes forever.  Or am I doing something wrong? Anyway, hope all this gets some kind of fix in the next update.
Bug / Re:Two bugs
« Ultimo post da cepe il Novembre 28, 2021, 03:48:41 pm »
I can add an option in compass import to manage shot with SS in to station as splay.
At now you can apply a script to the survey fixing this.
Select all shots, right click on shot's grid and choose replicate data.
Check Apply formula ad edit formula (a script).
Unbox the formula and copy the code below:
Codice: [Seleziona]
public sub ReplicateFormula(CurrentSegment as object)
if like "*SS*" then
        currentsegment.splay=true & "(" & survey.segments.indexof(currentsegment) & ")"
    end if
end sub
Close formula and confirm data replication.
Refresh the grid (cause script don't do this).
Splay using this method remain showed ad normal shot but the program recognize it.
Bug / Re:Two bugs
« Ultimo post da Geko il Novembre 27, 2021, 10:33:03 am »
Sorry for the delayed response, we were underground. Thank you for the registry value.

As for TD compass export, since it is basically just a text file, my thinking is that it is just the way cSurvey interprets it. Here is an example of a typical DAT file export with splays:

Codice: [Seleziona]


Gub1 Gub2 19.94 247.9 -23.1 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Gub2 Gub3 14.01 184.6 22.5 1.86 6.54 10.03 9.79
Gub2 Gub2ss0 6.56 178.9 85.7 -9.90 -9.90 -9.90 -9.90 #|L#
Gub2 Gub2ss1 2.19 251.8 5.7 -9.90 -9.90 -9.90 -9.90 #|L#
Gub2 Gub2ss2 1.90 99.2 10.0 -9.90 -9.90 -9.90 -9.90 #|L#
Gub2 Gub2ss3 3.95 93.3 76.8 -9.90 -9.90 -9.90 -9.90 #|L#
Gub2 Gub2ss4 2.90 246.4 62.2 -9.90 -9.90 -9.90 -9.90 #|L#
Gub2 Gub2ss5 19.54 328.9 -30.9 -9.90 -9.90 -9.90 -9.90 #|L#
Gub3 Gub4 9.61 273.1 2.1 2.02 1.08 1.57 1.07

The GUB2ss0, GUB2ss1, etc are not imported as splays by cSurvey, but as shots. Maybe cSurvey should be looking specifically for "ss1", "ss2" etc. to interpret them accordingly, as it seems that it uses it's own nomenclature for splays - (0), (1), (2) etc.
Bug / Re:Two bugs
« Ultimo post da cepe il Novembre 25, 2021, 08:24:11 am »
About Compass import I will do some check with TopoDroid.
Bug / Re:Two bugs
« Ultimo post da cepe il Novembre 25, 2021, 08:22:26 am »
The first problem will be fixed in the next version (2...).
For now you can delete the registry value storing the workspace settings manually:
or executing .reg file below (that will work even for the next version).
Bug / Two bugs
« Ultimo post da Geko il Novembre 25, 2021, 06:56:38 am »
Since it is more proper to put different issues on different topics, these are the only two other bugs we have found so far:

1. This is more an issue than a bug. TopoDroid outputs splays in DAT files by appending ss0,ss1,ss2 etc. to the station name. When this DAT is imported into cSurvey it interprets all these as different shots, not as splays. Is there any way around this? Can we instruct cSurvey to correctly interpret all stations with ss# sufix  as splays? (DAT files are much more useful than actual cSurvey exports from TD, because they can easily be edited, and in a huge project this is quite important.)

2. This one is a proper bug. After accidentally detaching one of the three panels from "Full" view and closing it with the "X", Full view is no longer possible. The program displays just two panels (no matter which two) and upon pressing the "Full" button, three panels flash on the screen for a millisecond and then only two appear and stay. This is persistent even after cSurvey is completely deleted with it's entire folder and reinstalled, and even when the 64 version was installed and launched for the very first time on the same machine, it also opened this way with the same behavior. To my mind this can only mean that Windows 10 is creating and storing on it's own some kind of config file somewhere, which should be hunted down and deleted...

Otherwise, now that we can install it everywhere all is quite amazing.
Bug / Re:CSurvey does not load - puts out an error
« Ultimo post da Geko il Novembre 24, 2021, 10:40:38 pm »
Yes, I was thinking of trying to translate this, I will definitely try! This is by far the most well integrated software out there and no doubt it would have been used by everyone, if it was not for the language barrier.

Two other bugs we encountered moved to a different topic. Thanks!

Bug / Re:CSurvey does not load - puts out an error
« Ultimo post da cepe il Novembre 24, 2021, 09:30:05 pm »
Glad to read this and,  yes, cSurvey has a lack of documentation (even italian's PDFmanual is old) due to the limited time I have available in spare time.
You can try translating the pdf ( better then nothing.
Bug / Re:CSurvey does not load - puts out an error
« Ultimo post da Geko il Novembre 24, 2021, 09:11:38 pm »
Amazingly, this works!!  :D Thank you so much! We were debating using your software for our exploration project (we were users of Surex, Compas and Walls for many years). cSurvey is amazing and although the lack of English documentation makes it extremely hard to learn, I seem to be able to grasp the basic functions. Now that we can have it on all machines we will definitely give it a try. Once again, thanks!
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