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Razvan Dumbrava

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Color splay individually
« il: Maggio 18, 2020, 09:55:40 pm »
Hello... Is it possible to color each splay individually with a different color? I am trying to find a solution...
For example, if from a station I pointed to some important things that I want to mark (some targets for example), and I want to identify these targets, how do I do? I thought by marking them with colors, but maybe you can gimme another advice...

Still, the question remains... Is it possible to set a different color for each segment / splay? Because in the data panel, in layout, there is a possibility to change the color of every single splay / segment.

And another question... Is there any option that can be set for the station names / signs to be variable? I mean, if I zoom, the text/symbols to continue to be smaller and smaller. Now, if i zoom in, the text become bigger and bigger and if two stations are very close, you cannot distinguish them... I know that there are some particular cases, I just need to know if there are these options active / at the users disposal.

Thank you very much!


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Re:Color splay individually
« Risposta #1 il: Maggio 25, 2020, 09:05:09 am »
Assign a color for a shot is possible. In shots properties panel go to 'layout' tab to set specific color for shot.
Even if this is possible also for splays, centerline drawer, at now, draw splays with the same color of the first shot with the same from station.
I add in todo list to add support for splay color if set.
The secondo question have a more complex answer: to change text's scale (or other scale settings) zooming on design use 'scale settings' in Design menu. Define a 'set' starting from a specifica scale factor and cSurvey use it when scale enter this range.
In the lastest version scale settings are defined on 3 level:
- by survey (properties->design, centerline ecc)
- by profile (overrides the survey settings for a specific print/export profile)
- by scale (overrides previous for a specific scale factor)