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Nightbuild / Re:v2 Nightbuild del 06/03/2024
« Ultimo post da cepe il Marzo 07, 2024, 09:10:52 am »
In allegato una poligonale "vestita", nel visualizzatore 3D, da vari blocchi 3D realizzati con il lidar di un iPhone.
La funzione, ad oggi, è ancora primordiale e NON è possibile ridurre la complessità dei modelli importati ne fonderli. Vengono invece collegati alla poligonale (è obbligatorio, in ogni blocco, indicare la posizione di due capisaldi).
Nightbuild / v2 Nightbuild del 06/03/2024
« Ultimo post da cepe il Marzo 06, 2024, 09:38:01 pm »
- aggiunte opzioni, in sessione, per la calibrazione delle misure
- supporto a CORRECTIONS nell'import da compass
- ottimizzazione del sistema di calcolo per rilievi di dimensioni 'enormi' (>100Km)
- corretti errori nel codice del disegno dei simboli
- corretto bug che rallentava il disegno con rilievi di dimensioni 'enormi'
- nuove funzioni per aggiungere blocchi 3D esterni al rilievo 3D agganciandoli alla poligonale
- corretto errore nella libreria clipper se usata per il disegno delle clipart
- corretti vari problemi associati al multithreading nella form di anteprima
- corretti vari errori nelle funzioni di ripresa disegna da punto esistente
- aggiunta possibilità di importare gli oggetti da PocketTopo come oggetti generici ed aggiunto il colore analogo a quello originale agli oggetti importati
- corretto errore che veniva sollevato cancellando una grotta/ramo
- corretto errore nell'export in Excel che aggiungeva una voce non utile ai dati di declinazione magnetica
Varie / Re:Newcomer from Greece - Some general questions
« Ultimo post da cepe il Febbraio 01, 2024, 03:13:16 pm »
Hi, happy to read you.
I try to answer your questions:
- manual: due to chronical lack of time manual are only in italian. I know that some other user are writing manual in some other language. You can try to translate in english the current manual even if it is a little obsolete.
- errors: write here some details to allow me to fix it (version you are using v1 or v2, data you are using etc..)
- source code: you can find it here, link is also on cSurvey site. cSurvey use GDI+  and Windows Form (in v2 also directx) (.Net Framework 4.8 ) so there is no linux version.
v2 source code use DevExpress component suite and I cannot share the developer key so, if you download the source code keep this in mind (you can change all from code and you can compile it without limitation).
Varie / Newcomer from Greece - Some general questions
« Ultimo post da papadako il Febbraio 01, 2024, 10:06:02 am »

my name is Panagiotis Papadakos from the SPOK caving club in Crete, Greece. We are currently exploring c-survey for our surveying needs and we are interested in any resources available in English language (tutorials, videos, HOWTOs). Is it possible to point us to any such resources? We can also help translating the manual in Greek/English.

In addition we tried to load some of our surveys (even small ones) but we got some exceptions like out-of-boundaries indexing of arrays. Are you aware of those problems? Do we have to consider any workarounds while importing our data?

Btw, the project is licenced under GNU. However, I could not find a code repository. Can you provide a link? Also is there a Linux version?

Best regards from Crete
Suggerimenti, idee e proposte per nuove funzionalità / Re:Import sketch into base layer
« Ultimo post da cepe il Gennaio 29, 2024, 09:27:36 am »
Great! Every help is welcome.
Only one details: take a look at v2 of cSurvey. The UI is completely redesigned. You can try it in the same machine with the old version BUT survey saved with v2 are not compatible with v1 so be carefull (or use a different user/computer).
I plan to make v2 'official' some weeks from now.
Suggerimenti, idee e proposte per nuove funzionalità / Re:Import sketch into base layer
« Ultimo post da klaus il Gennaio 27, 2024, 01:22:24 pm »
Thank you, I'll have a look at the example file!
Regarding the documentation: I'm preparing a complete guide in german ("open-sourced", Creative Commons). Once it's complete enough to use it, I'll let you know. It will be hosted at GitHub, to simplify improving and extending.
Suggerimenti, idee e proposte per nuove funzionalità / Re:Import sketch into base layer
« Ultimo post da cepe il Gennaio 26, 2024, 08:06:18 am »
cSurvey have a big problem: a lack in documentation cause I don't have so much time to keep all updated. Sorry.
I have attached and example for cSurvey v1 with a small survey and whiteboard enabled for pockettopo (without date).
I forgot, in previous post, to wrote that you need to 'invert filter' cause, by default, filter defined as I said show, in front, pockettopo objects, in back your drawed objects.
Suggerimenti, idee e proposte per nuove funzionalità / Re:Import sketch into base layer
« Ultimo post da klaus il Gennaio 24, 2024, 10:16:08 pm »
Ciao Cepe,

thank you for the hint on filters, I haven't recognized these until now. :) I've played around a bit (with v1.11.2944), but had no success.
In an empty (new) survey, I imported data from PocketTopo (data + sketch). If I draw any other object (e.g. a new cave border in the Border layer), and then create filter with propery "import_source" = "pockettopo", all objects are filtered - also my "new" object which definitely doesn't have "import_source=pockettopo" (I've checked that in the Properties panel).
The Whiteboard mode looks very interesting though.
Do you have any documentation on that? (in the PDF I haven't found anything)

The imported sketch quality is excellent anyway, it's just at the "wrong" layer ;) For me it's perfectly fine if you can import the drawings as generic objects into the sketch layer.
Suggerimenti, idee e proposte per nuove funzionalità / Re:Import sketch into base layer
« Ultimo post da cepe il Gennaio 22, 2024, 02:55:22 pm »
Thank you Klaus.
And yes, PocketTopo creates one type of output only with different colors (if I remember well).
The change you are asking is possible but cSurvey could only create, in this case, a 'generic' drawing object (not a 'border') cause borders could only stay in border's level. I will check if generic object can be readable in base layer to be used as you need.
Mind that you can use filters (in layer's view) to view only PocketTopo's imported objects. After defining filter you can press whiteboard button to invert filter and create a whiteboard effect.
Suggerimenti, idee e proposte per nuove funzionalità / Import sketch into base layer
« Ultimo post da klaus il Gennaio 15, 2024, 07:00:10 pm »

First of all: cSurvey is the best program I've ever worked with to create cave maps! Thank you!  8)

However, I have very very very big problems working with sketches. This is my current workflow:
  • make the survey with PocketTopo
  • export the survey data from PocketTopo in Therion format
  • export a screenshot of the plan as .png file
  • export a screenshot of the profile as .png file
  • in cSurvey, import only the survey data from PocketTopo format
  • switch to Plan view, select Base layer, import plan.png
  • switch to Profile view, select Base layer, import profile.png

This is due to the fact, that cSurvey imports the sketch into the Borders layer. But I find it much easier to draw the borders new (with a sketch "below") than to optimize/simplify/reshape the existing border sketch. Additionally, all other sketched objects like rocks are also in the border layer.

My suggestion is, that the PocketTopo import has a checkbox like "[X] import sketch into Base layer". I assume that the modification to the program sources should be minimal, but for me (and some others) it would simplify the workflow dramatically.

Best regards

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