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How to / Magnetic Declination - To be or not to be set manually?
« il: Gennaio 07, 2020, 07:11:41 pm »
I saw that it was another topic in Italian almost 6 months ago and I have read the information with the help of the automatic translation. If you want you can move or block the topic...
I just want to clarify...

If I import a survey from TopoDroid with the declination set, is it affected by the automatic reference by cSurvey when I activate the geographic functions?

I mean,  in the properties, now I have North - Magnetic north and at the declination - 5.55 at one session dated NOV 2019 (not editable). Is it OK to have the declination completed here? If I change to Geographic North the sketch is modifying I think with the automatic declination.

The question is, if I had the declination inserted manually, when I select Geographic north, will be OK or the declination will be doubled? Is better to not set any declination on the surveys and only to set the date and activate the geographic function? (setting only the coordinate of one station)?

Than you!


How to / Re:Export or print issues / tricks...
« il: Gennaio 07, 2020, 05:33:57 pm »
Thank you... I found also a lot of info in the video courses...
I try to understand, and seems to be good, romanian is close to italian...

I saw some differences between the program in the courses with the new versions...

For example, in the options for print/export layouts there were boxes for information box, compass and scale bar that they are not anymore there in the actual versions of csurvey... You putted them in the other section or eliminate them for now?

Thank you again!


How to / Export or print issues / tricks...
« il: Gennaio 05, 2020, 08:56:37 pm »
Hello, thank you for all the answers in the other topics...

About exporting image and/or print...

Is it possible to export just a portion of the map at a larger scale? How to set the exact place that I want to export?

For example, how can i export just a branch of the cave at 1:100 scale?

Are they any tips and tricks for exporting final maps?

Thank you!


How to / Connect sketches
« il: Dicembre 30, 2019, 05:02:05 pm »
Is it possible to connect 2 different sketches, using stations ID or something?

I have 2 different sketches exported from topodroid, and i need to coonect them let's say with station 7 from 1st sketch to station 3 from second sketch...
Is anywhere a option for this?

Thank you!

How to / Cave borders - Areas or lines?
« il: Dicembre 30, 2019, 02:33:06 pm »

I am trying to understand all, but is a little bit hard because all the support / tutorials are in italian. Can you explain a little bit how the cave borders are working?
When I draw the cave borders, it seems that is interpreted as polygons, not as lines.

So, when I try to export the design, the lines are closed, and some areas are created. Can I invert the way that areas are created? I mean... I saw that it depends how I started to draw, the areas are on the right/left of the lines (borders). Is possible that the borders to be lines only?

Can you indicate some links with tutorial/support for this?

Thank you!

How to / Import files (csx) from TopoDroid
« il: Dicembre 29, 2019, 10:02:35 am »
Hello all,

When I try to open/import files exported in cSurvey format from TopoDroid, the software stop working, and seems to be blocked...
Do any of you have the same problem?

Razvan Dumbrava

How to / cSurvey information in English
« il: Luglio 23, 2019, 12:11:50 pm »
Hello all,

Can I find somewhere info / documentation / tutorials in English for cSurvey? Maybe someone already translated some documentation and can share?
Thank you very much!

Razvan Dumbrava

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