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Export *.svg with and without graphic - Problem at scale?

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Razvan Dumbrava:

I've noticed that when I export a document without any graphic it goes out at a different scale (a bit bigger) than the same document with graphic.
When I try to put the one in front of another, they differ. Is there any issue or some settings that i have to pay attention?

I mention that the scale is set manally 1:100 for both documents.

The info (data) are imported from TopoDroid.

For the one with graphic, when I place it in Illustrator I get the message: ”Clipping will be lost on roundtrip to tinny!”

See attachments!

Thank you!

Razvan Dumbrava

Razvan Dumbrava:
Also, there are differences between the *svg exported from TopoDroid directly (plan design for example) and the *svg exported from csurvey (no graphic, only centerline and splay)


Is an old problem that will be solved in the next version: svg are scaled wrong (something like 9/10 of the real scale)
Sorry but I can't fix this in the current online version.
For Illustrator I can't help you but I changed a lot of things in the next version making svg more Inkscape compatible.

Razvan Dumbrava:
Thank you for the answer. I have a question... If I exported the *.svg with the graphical scale, the real measurements are correct? How to have the real scale? Export a *.jpg or other raster format with graphical scale and transform / scale the *.svg according to that? Is this correct?


Raster scale on export have to be right. Also svg scale taked from PDF using, of course, a PDF Printer...


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