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Cave symbol for pit in Austrian style?

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But...reading back your posts I think that I can add I function to save a customized pen (or brush) to be reusable. So you could create some missing pen with the actual UI, save it and reuse it every time you need.
Of course full customization cover more or, better, any scenario but the problem, now, is the massive use of 'Graphics' and 'GraphicsPath' objects. I have to remove it in the code using more powerfull object at least for the internal cache (for final drawing, at now, is not possibile...in future I have planned to migrate all to skia or siminal graphics engine).


--- Citazione da: Dirk - Maggio 14, 2022, 12:11:46 am ---Will a customizable pen renderer be available in V2?  ;)
Or could the code on GitHub updated maybe? Then i could try a hack myself.

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In the current v2 I have added (almost) full customizable pens and brushes (almost, cause, for now, is not possible to implement your pen or brush by code but I will implement this not so far in future).

Thank you. I got the source code to work. But I don't see myself being able to change anything quickly in this area.


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