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Razvan Dumbrava:
Hello... I get this error message when I am trying to import a *dat file. Can you help me to indentify the error? What means the numbers? The numbers of the lines? How to identify the stations with problems?


Mmh, with the v1 in not so easy. cSurvey show the message from therion and the message said that two stations are marked as equate (same point) but there is a shot defined between this two stations.
Problem is in data but don't have an idea to help you to go direct to the source of the problem.
You can:
- try v2 but this is the first time I saw this so it's possible that the message even in v2 still not clear
- go to file->settings and unckeck delete temporary file in therion section; reopen csurvey and this survey, calculate and then go to %temp% folder. Sort file's list by date and open with therion the last _therion_config.thconfig and press the "gear/cog" button looking in xtherion where the error lead you in data file. cSurvey use a dictionary from station's name. You can disable also this options but in many cases station's name give problem so do this only if you don't find a way to get out from this.
- send me in private the file with the problem I check it. If possible I add the code to manage this exception in v2 (this version have many more features to do this).


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