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Cave symbol for pit in Austrian style?

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Does a possibility exists to draw a pen type with decoration "empty triangles" for a pit?

Please see B44a - the second picture (b) with empty triangles:

Of course it isn't UIS standard, but it is used in Austria.

In future I have planned to change the actual pen renderer with a new code fully customizable (also with user written code).
But, for now I try to add some workaround to get this...

Will a customizable pen renderer be available in V2?  ;)
Or could the code on GitHub updated maybe? Then i could try a hack myself.

oh, i hadn't looked at github for the last 2 days  ???

Mile grazie!

No, sorry. This feature (pen with custom 'drawer') still in the to do list.
But yes, I have updated github with v2 source code. If you download it give me some feedback. I this some file will be missing cause I was using two different SVN but I want to dismiss Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
PS: Devexpress component are not present in the source code and I don't think that was public on nuget. If you get all files copy the missing library from the cSurvey compiled folder. Devexpress nuget and Devexpress 'designer' require a licence and I cannot give you the one I'm using cause is registered to the company I work for.


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