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Exporting georeferenced 3d models


Is there a way to export a 3d model that is georeferenced and can be directly placed in CAD?
I have set the coordinates of the entry point to the cave, but the exported models are all in absolute coordinate system, instead of preserving the georeferenced values.



No, 3D exporting is made using standard code of the 3D viewer and model are generated with local coordinates.
Usually I use kml (of course without cave model...only with centerline) that is fully three dimensional.
Some times ago I investigate 3D kml/kmz files cause this kind of files is a DAE model embeded in a xml file with geographic's coordinate but without success.

I do some test with DAE but the rendering engine (helix3D) still have problem with DAE export and produced files are currupted. I have an open ticket on github for this...
If the rendering engine will be fixed, with DAE model working, I can create a KMZ with geo-position...

In the meantime I found a workaround method. I export the 3D model from Csurvey. Then open it in Meshlab and run a Screened Poisson surface reconstruction on the imported mesh. This results in a much better 3d model then the one directly from CS, but the resulting model preserves only the georeferenced Z coordinates while X and Y are lost. Meshlab also has a function to transform coordinates to their georeferenced equivalent, but it does not seem to work as intended, so the model needs to be exported as dxf, imported to Qgis, converted to 3d polylines and then translated back to original georeferenced position. And voila, you get a georeferenced dxf polyline 3d model of a cave. Not great, not terrible.


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