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Add "exlcude" option in the replicate data options


Turns out 3d models in CS get rendered much better if all of the splays are set as not excluded (and with the advanced oversampling enabled). But clicking 1000 splays to set them all as not excluded takes a lot of time. It would be great if it could be added as an option in the replicate data dialogue.

I will add this option in the next v2 nightbuild.

Meanwhile you can get this goal using Replicate data with formula and with this piece of code (vb#):

--- Codice: ---currentsegment.to=currentsegment.to.replace("(","_").replace(")","")
--- Termina codice ---

Basically this will remove cSurvey's splay name pattern from To station (if required...remove it if this is not necessary) and remove the splay flag from replicate data's shots.


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