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Import sketch into base layer

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First of all: cSurvey is the best program I've ever worked with to create cave maps! Thank you!  8)

However, I have very very very big problems working with sketches. This is my current workflow:

* make the survey with PocketTopo
* export the survey data from PocketTopo in Therion format
* export a screenshot of the plan as .png file
* export a screenshot of the profile as .png file
* in cSurvey, import only the survey data from PocketTopo format
* switch to Plan view, select Base layer, import plan.png
* switch to Profile view, select Base layer, import profile.png
This is due to the fact, that cSurvey imports the sketch into the Borders layer. But I find it much easier to draw the borders new (with a sketch "below") than to optimize/simplify/reshape the existing border sketch. Additionally, all other sketched objects like rocks are also in the border layer.

My suggestion is, that the PocketTopo import has a checkbox like "[X] import sketch into Base layer". I assume that the modification to the program sources should be minimal, but for me (and some others) it would simplify the workflow dramatically.

Best regards


Thank you Klaus.
And yes, PocketTopo creates one type of output only with different colors (if I remember well).
The change you are asking is possible but cSurvey could only create, in this case, a 'generic' drawing object (not a 'border') cause borders could only stay in border's level. I will check if generic object can be readable in base layer to be used as you need.
Mind that you can use filters (in layer's view) to view only PocketTopo's imported objects. After defining filter you can press whiteboard button to invert filter and create a whiteboard effect.

Ciao Cepe,

thank you for the hint on filters, I haven't recognized these until now. :) I've played around a bit (with v1.11.2944), but had no success.
In an empty (new) survey, I imported data from PocketTopo (data + sketch). If I draw any other object (e.g. a new cave border in the Border layer), and then create filter with propery "import_source" = "pockettopo", all objects are filtered - also my "new" object which definitely doesn't have "import_source=pockettopo" (I've checked that in the Properties panel).
The Whiteboard mode looks very interesting though.
Do you have any documentation on that? (in the PDF I haven't found anything)

The imported sketch quality is excellent anyway, it's just at the "wrong" layer ;) For me it's perfectly fine if you can import the drawings as generic objects into the sketch layer.

cSurvey have a big problem: a lack in documentation cause I don't have so much time to keep all updated. Sorry.
I have attached and example for cSurvey v1 with a small survey and whiteboard enabled for pockettopo (without date).
I forgot, in previous post, to wrote that you need to 'invert filter' cause, by default, filter defined as I said show, in front, pockettopo objects, in back your drawed objects.

Thank you, I'll have a look at the example file!
Regarding the documentation: I'm preparing a complete guide in german ("open-sourced", Creative Commons). Once it's complete enough to use it, I'll let you know. It will be hosted at GitHub, to simplify improving and extending.


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