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Make a donation

Why donate?
One of the objectives of the cSurvey project is to create something free and open to the community, open to contributions and ideas of all.
To achieve this purpose cSurvey is developed thanks to the passion of the author but also (and in many cases, above) thanks to all those who have contributed and are contributing to the continuous improvement of the project by providing suggestions, notifing bugs, or simply using the 'application.
Despite this, there are costs that can not be eliminated to ensure that the project can continue to exist: the computers and all the tools that become necessary to expand the functionality of the project, the webhosting (the site from which you are reading these lines) but also just paper, pencils and electricity.
A donation becomes a 'material' help to maintain this idea alive.
It's not mandatory to donate and the software will not prompt you to donate.
If you want, you can do it.

Currently you can only donate through the Paypal service.



Thanks to Commissione Grotte E. Boegan and Fluido Tv you can see here a full cSurvey's tutorial: an (almost) complete video guide.
Click here for details.

Questions? Bugs? suggestions?
Take a look at forum
Sorry, most topic are in italian but you are free to write also in english...