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Razvan Dumbrava

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Many cave surveys in a single file?
« il: Gennaio 02, 2021, 04:04:15 pm »
Hello all and a Happy New Year, a better one!

Is it possible to have many caves (cave surveys) in the same file, to compare them and simulate on the surface?
I tried to import a file, but if they are not connected (have at least one common station), it is not imported.

I will try more on help / courses, but if someone have a little bit time, maybe can confirm if this is possible.

Thank you very much!

Razvan Dumbrava
Oradea, Romania


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Re:Many cave surveys in a single file?
« Risposta #1 il: Gennaio 04, 2021, 05:54:08 pm »
No and yes.
No: in cSurvey every stations have to be connected at least to another but, yes: to put two or more caves in the same survey you have to create a 'virtual shot' from a georeferenced station of one cave to a georeferenced station of another cave. Mark this shot also as surface. When i
Use this way when you need to creare one drawing for more caves directly inside cSurvey.
To put togheter many georeferenced survey allowing you to see it in plan and 3d (inside cSurvey and in loch) you can link it with the function in View->Linked surveys.