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cSurvey is currently available in the compiled version, solely as a compressed zip archive.
In a system where there are prerequisiti does not require any setup and can be run directly once unzipped (even on a USB flash drive or on a removable media).

cSurvey (Windows, 64bit)

If you have found an error or contacted the author for any problems, you can download the latest build of the program from this page.
It's also available for download a draft of the manual includes a brief tutorial (avaiable only in Italian).

Manual and tutorial

Note: This document is not updated with the same frequency of the program. The actual version has been updated at 07-15-2013.
Might not reflect the most recent changes.

At this link you could download some exemples usefull to start learning cSurvey.


At this page you can see the details of the license.


Thanks to Commissione Grotte E. Boegan and Fluido Tv you can see here a full cSurvey's tutorial: an (almost) complete video guide.
Click here for details.

Questions? Bugs? suggestions?
Take a look at forum
Sorry, most topic are in italian but you are free to write also in english...