• Increase font size
  • Default font size
  • Decrease font size



  • fixed bug with quota objects;
  • fixed bug leading to freezed properties panel;
  • fixed bug with sketch with only one shot with azimuth of 90°;
  • fixed Resurvey logic with automatica station naming with prefix;
  • fixed bug saving cSurvey file with linked surveys;
  • fixed some bugs in scale settings;
  • fixed bug in linked survey leading to error reopening survey;
  • fixed bug on Resurvey images loading;
  • added fix to translation threshold problem;
  • fixed bug in warping:
    - fixed error with shots with 0 lenght before calculation. Now cSurvey show you a warning in warping details;
    - fixed error with shots starting/ending on origin that, in some cases, appear in warping details even if not changed;
  • fixed bug on linked survey loading leading to recursive loading;

  • added shortcuts for restarting drawing from selected point (A->start from here, S->start and link points, D->start and create, if possible, one object, Q->disable restarting);
  • added supporto for inclination in %;
  • new calculate engine version with better equate management;
  • addend function to rotate raster image;
  • added, in Resurvey, projection type for profile;
  • added zoom in Resurveu;
  • added rulers in Resurvey;
  • added function to manage linked surveys;
  • added image export in 3D;
  • new options for customize print/export profiles based on 3 levels:
      - from properties;
      - from profile;
      - from scale settings;
  • changed editor for scale settings that now allow you to indicate with settings are changed and the relative values;
  • new Resurvey rewritten (almost) from scratch:
      - new UI with floating panels;
      - new embedded file format;
      - LRUD full managed (even manually, not only from images);
      - LRUD graphically drawed;
  • added patch for some 'out of memory' error during drawing;
  • added function to change base path in linked surveys;
  • changed application theme to follow the new Resurvey UI;
  • added function to rotate an object on origin;
  • added full warping details;
  • optimized some loading function;
  • added shared/common texts allowing you to reuse (and write once) text in projections and export/print profiles.


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