• Increase font size
  • Default font size
  • Decrease font size



  • fixed bug on splay calculation;
  • fixed bug on opening survey with relative inversion;
  • fixed bug on saving survey with some strange data in splay;
  • fixed bug adding a new shot in a survey without sessions;
  • fixed bug on crosssection and on SVG import;
  • fixed bug on planimetric length calculation;
  • fixed bug in selection new point on curve;
  • fixed image orientation (now taken from exif data);
  • fixed bug on default session in main editor;
  • fixed bug in station's management generating upper and lower case stations;
  • fixed bug in restoring zoom after survey loading from file.


  • crosssection from TopoDroid;
  • improvement in text file import and new XLSX import;
  • improvement in cSurvey import.
  • new drawing functions:
    - last drawed point
    - double click on point make it the last drawed point
    - starting drawing a curve:
        - pressing A -> curve start from last drawed point
        - pressing S -> curve start from last drawed point and point are joined
        - pressing D -> curve continue the previously drawed object (if possibile);
      All these function are all binded to buttons in the bottom of drawing area.
  • Improvement in export data from grid;
  • improvement in Therion data management: now cave and branch are correctly managed;
  • new design objects: scale, legend, compass and information box;
  • new property 'Affinity': an object could be part of design or extra design (like legend).
    - single object could be visible by scale;
    - single object could be visible by profile;
  • print/export area visible in designer;
  • scale specific options for 'extra' affinity objects.


Venerdi mattina 3/11, al Teatro delle Udienze, ci sarà un piccolo workshop sulle funzioni meno note o meno documentate di cSurvey: gestione degli splay, modello 3D dai bordi e altro.
A seguire ci saranno poi vari interventi sempre incentrati sul tema del rilievo.

PS: nel programma, almeno in quello pubblicato ora, è riportato SURVEY ma l'argomento è cSurvey.




  • fixed a lot of bugs, mainly in UI.


  • added support for attachments in design. Now it's possibile to add a generic file direct into the design (plan or profile/extended elevation). For image and audio file you could also use an internal viewer/player.
  • added support for attachments in shots;
  • added support for calibration's shot. Is not possibile, at now, to see the calibration's result;
  • added support for cross section in plan and for horizontal cross section (for pits);
  • now it's possibile to bind a graphical object direct to a specific cross section (not only for proximity);
  • now it's possibile to enlarge dimension of anchor'p points (usefull for hi resolution/DPI);
  • changed internal log. Now log are viewed in console.



  • many, a lot in LRUD calculation.


  • new panel's resize policy (flag for free resize in settings);
  • removed inversion mode like VisualTopo;
  • new calculate function with cache;
  • added some new parameters in cross sections;
  • optimized some 3D objects;
  • new form for warping details;
  • new layer's tree.



  • fixed many bugs, most in splay and LRUD calculation.


  • new function for get LRUD data from splays;
  • new function for splay view in designer;
  • new functions from manage splays: filter by inclination, cut splay and an options for view also splay out of desired range;
  • thanks to the contribute of the new developer that has joined the project (Petr Koveshnikov): 3D model with many view options;
  • almost complete english and russian translations.

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