• Increase font size
  • Default font size
  • Decrease font size



  • fixed many bugs raising when working with not italian language;
  • fixed bugs on svg exporting;
  • fixed bugs on VisualTopo exporting;
  • many minor bugs fixed.


  • add design pan with the mouse's middle button;
  • added support for additional measure unit for distance,  bearing and inclination. The default unit for the designer still remain meters;
  • enabled an options to send Loch the cave borders for 3D model.



  • added session for resurvey imported data;
  • added function to set the origin when importing resurvey data to an empty survey;
  • fixed many minor bugs.


  • added basic function to calculate LRUD data in resurvey.





  • fixed bugs in visibility profile and combined view and area view;
  • fixed bugs in visibility profile that don't allow saving profile if one char in the profile title was uppercased;
  • fixed many minor bugs.


  • added function for removing NODATA values from elevations (using the average of neighbour data).





  • fixed many bugs in viewer;
  • fixed bug with text object that force user to use CTRL+ENTER for inserting new line;
  • new notification system for exception (due to server maintenance);
  • fixed many minor bugs.


  • added geographics information in cave information panel;
  • added cave's branches in cave information panel;
  • add, for single session, the options for inverting azimut and inclination;
  • new clean-up funzion for invalid objects and for many 'difficult to find' problem;
  • new functions in level manager;
  • new 'select all' function in 'edit' menu.





  • fixed bug that led to missing sessions in old format saved survey;
  • fixed bug on guideline of cross section;
  • fixed bug on sketch (stations disappearing);
  • changed interface behaviour on sessions and cave/branches properties ;
  • fixed many minor bugs.


  • added new functions to align and to space objects in a multiple selection;
  • added 'description' for caves and branches;
  • added support to global and item tag in the text objects;
  • new key's management in the graphical editor.
    With a selected object now are avaiable the following combinations:
    - ARROW LEFT / RIGHT / UP / DOWN: Moves the object 10 cm in the direction of the arrow;
    - SHIFT + ARROW LEFT / RIGHT / UP / DOWN: Moves the object 1 m in the direction of the arrow;
    - CTRL + ARROW LEFT / RIGHT: Rotates the object by 1 ° clockwise / counter-clockwise;
    - CTRL + SHIFT + ARROW LEFT / RIGHT: 5 ° rotates the object clockwise / counter-clockwise;
    - CTRL + UP / DOWN ARROW: Increases / decreases the size of the object by 10%;
    - CTRL + SHIFT + UP / DOWN ARROW: Increases / decreases the size of the object by 5%;
    When point is selected the first two combinations move the single point with the same procedures indicated above. The other combinations do not produce effects.



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