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  • Default font size
  • Decrease font size


Attention: this version fix a bug leading to program's hung opening a file generate with a newer version or with latest TopoDroid release.


  • fixed bug importing another cSurvey file with same user properties but with different order;
  • fixed bug executing adjusting code for TopoDroid generated file even when not requested deleting binding between x-sections and shots;

XXIII Congresso Nazionale di Speleologia

La Melodia delle Grotte
Perché la ricerca scientifica e l'esplorazione vanno a braccetto

Tu o il tuo gruppo hanno realizzato un rilievo particolamente interessante?
Avete sperimentato tecniche innovative (o meno) di raccolta dati, di elaborazione o di presentazione?
Se si, valuta la partecipazione al XXIII Congresso Nazionale di Speleologia che si terrà dal 30/5 al 2/6/2020 a Ormea (CN) inviando il tuo contributo nella sezione "I rilievi delle grotte".
Trovi i contatti e tutti i dettagli alle pagine web del Congresso www.congressospeleo2020.it.




  • fixed bug on shot/station selection from design;
  • fixed bug importing cSurvey file with user's data properties defined for graphic objects:
  • fixed bug on shot filtering reporting also hidden shot;
  • fixed bug on LRUD calculate from design not handling correctly same caves/branches names.


  • better design floating bar positioning.




  • fixed a lot of bugs (see forum for details);
  • linked survey: now you can see survey stored in other files without importing data in the current survey;
  • added missing pens in SVG export;
  • optimized code per x-section design bindings to centerline;
  • better calculation error management;
  • new graphics for first and last path points;
  • added support for additional data from TopoDroid (magnetic field data and distox mac address);
  • new LRUD calculate from design function;
  • added linked survey options to csurvey file format import;
  • added calculation error in case of wrong geographics settings;
  • new design warping function: now, in case of calculation error, warping pause and automatic restart when calculate is ok;
  • new default session ui;
  • added global tag to station's name;
  • new station's list rewrited from scratch;
  • new workspace management (for multimonitor or notebook configuration);
  • other minor implementations (see forum for details).