• Increase font size
  • Default font size
  • Decrease font size



  • fixed many bugs and improved stability;
  • GUI updated for support for display with more then 100% DPI scale factor;


  • new cross section drawing with correct signs;
  • new system for station and show highlight;
  • new function for remove a station's prefix;
  • new function for manage LRUD data;
  • new function for manage shot's grid color;
  • new right click item in design for select objects under clicked point;
  • and many other functions...



  • fixed some other interface problem with >96 DPI;
  • fixed bug with splay's inclination.




  • corretto bug che si manifestava associando un file a cSurvey e aprendolo direttamente da Windows;
  • corretti vari bug che si manifestavano usando il programma in lingua inglese;
  • corretto bug su dati di superficie che venivano gestiti in modo errato quando il passo X e Y della griglia dati era differente;
  • corretto bug nel sistema di interfacciamento con Loch che generava un errato posizionamento usando un solo caposaldo come posizionamento;
  • corretti vari bug minori.


  • aggiunta importazione file elevazione con TAB come separatore;
  • aggiunto salvataggio dati di calcolo nel file.



  • fixed many bugs.



  • new embedded 3D viewer with interactive functionality: selectable shots and stations, transparent surface with textures;

  • 3D model exportable in DAE and STL file format (and more);
  • WMS viewer integrated in plan and 3D.

    WMS data can be cached for off-line use.
  • WMS can be downloaded and cutted creating a static orthophoto saved inside the survey;
  • added station to surface distance (vertically);
  • added new function to show surface profile in extended elevation;
  • added new function to manage station geographic's fix;
  • new object selection mode for better user experience.



  • fixed a bug on sketch;
  • fixed bug on bound's calculation on print preview;
  • fixed bug with geographic data with geographic's coordinate system;
  • fixed many other bugs.


  • added design bar for segment in design area;
  • added shortcuts to add GPS fix for a station;
  • many other implementations as reported in forum area.

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